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#187: Leadership Chat: FiscalNote CEO Tim Hwang

On today’s podcast we welcome special guest, FiscalNote CEO Tim Hwang. FiscalNote is a leading AI-driven enterprise SaaS company that delivers legal and regulatory data and insights.


On the show, Tim discusses:

-Why being the category creator is important

-How he raised seed capital from investor Mark Cuban

-What made the merger with SPAC Duddell Street Acquisition so unique

-The company’s M&A strategy

-And more

#179: Leadership Chat: AdTheorent CEO Jim Lawson

On today’s podcast we welcome special guest AdTheorent CEO Jim Lawson. AdTheorent is a programmatic digital advertising leader using advanced machine learning technology and solutions to deliver real-world value for advertisers and marketers.


On the show, Jim discusses:

- His journey from practicing law to becoming an entrepreneur and CEO

- How AdTheorent’s machine learning advertising technology platform works

- Why the two most prevalent ad targeting methods, cookie-based retargeting and segment-based audiences, are less effective

- Insights into the merger with MCAP Acquisition Corporation

- And more

#177: State of the Markets 3 with SPACGuru, SPACInsider and SPACWarrants

On today’s podcast we have a discussion between Julian and three market experts, SPACGuru (G), SPACInsider (Kristi) and SPACWarrants (Jeff), for an in-depth discussion on the state of the blank check market:

- What to make of high redemption rates and low float meme stock short squeezes?

- How are IPO terms evolving?

- What will be the future of PSTH and the SPARC structure?

- Lawsuits, the SEC and the future of SPACs

- And more

#175: Leadership Chat: IronNet co-CEO Bill Welch

On today’s podcast we welcome special guest, IronNet’s co-CEO Bill Welch. IronNet is an innovative leader transforming cybersecurity through Collective Defense.


On the show, Bill discusses:

- How cyber threats have evolved over the past 20 years

- What CTOs and executives should be concerned about regarding their company’s network security

- What he learned from their recent going-public process

- Key drivers of IronNet’s forecast 78% revenue CAGR

- And more

#172: Leadership Chat: Stem CEO John Carrington

On today’s podcast we welcome special guest John Carrington. John is the CEO of Stem, the market leader in AI-driven clean energy storage systems.


On the show, John discusses:

- How Stem’s business has evolved in the 8 years since he joined

- The competitive landscape and what makes Stem the market leader

- Insights into the recent going-public process

- ESG, AI and the company’s growth opportunities

- And more

#171: Leadership Chat: Vacasa CEO Matt Roberts

On today’s podcast we welcome special guest, Vacasa CEO Matt Roberts. Vacasa is the leading vacation rental management platform in North America and it just announced a $3.75 billion going public transaction.


On the show, Matt discusses:

- Vacasa’s business model and how it differs from Airbnb

- Its value proposition and why customers would choose Vacasa

- Insights into Vacasa’s merger with TPG Pace Solutions

- The investment case for the stock

- And more

#170: Leadership Chat: Victoria Grace, CEO of Queen’s Gambit, and Youssef Salem, CFO of Swvl

On today’s podcast we welcome special guests Victoria Grace, Founder and CEO of Queen’s Gambit, and Youssef Salem, CFO of Swvl. Queen’s Gambit is a sustainability-focused SPAC that announced a $1.13 billion merger with Swvl, a Dubai-based provider of transformative mass transit and shared mobility solutions.


On the show, Victoria and Youssef discuss:

- The founding of Queen’s Gambit and whether Victoria is a fan of the Netflix series or chess

- How Swvl differentiates itself from Uber / Careem or other competitors in the marketplace

- Some of the key drivers that investors should be aware of for Swvl

- And more

#169: Leadership Chat: Kin CEO Sean Harper and Omnichannel Acquisition CEO Matt Higgins

On today’s podcast we welcome special guests Sean Harper, Co-founder and CEO of Kin, and Matt Higgins, Chairman and CEO of Omnichannel Acquisition. Kin Insurance is an insurance technology company that makes home insurance easy and affordable. It recently announced a $1 billion merger with Omnichannel Acquisition.


On the show, Sean and Matt discuss:

- The thesis behind the founding of Kin

- Kin’s value proposition, competitors, and why DTC is a fundamentally better insurance model

- How the merger between Kin and Omnichannel came together

- Why investors should consider Kin stock

- And more

#168: Leadership Chat: IonQ CEO Peter Chapman

 On today’s show, we welcome special guest Peter Chapman, CEO of IonQ. IonQ is a leader in quantum computing and just announced that it is going public in a deal worth $1.4 billion. 


On the podcast, Peter discusses:

- Starting out in MIT’s artificial intelligence lab at 16 and why he pursued technology

- The basics of quantum computing

- How IonQ is different from other quantum computing competitors

- Some of the risks that quantum computing presents

- The company’s strategy behind going public through a merger with dMY Technology Group III and its growth plans

- And more

#167: Leadership Chat: Planet Labs CEO Will Marshall

On today’s podcast, we welcome special guest Will Marshall, CEO of Planet Labs. Planet Labs is a leading provider of daily data and insights about the Earth and is currently going public at a $2.25 billion enterprise value.


On the show, Will discusses:

- His background at NASA and some important missions they accomplished

- How Planet plans to become the “Bloomberg Terminal for Earth data”

- Planet’s business model and competitive advantages in the marketplace

- What made dMY Technology the right merger partner

- And more

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