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#240: Reimagining Earth Through Investing with TPB’s CEO David Friedberg

On today’s show we welcome special guest, David Friedberg, Founder and CEO of The Production Board. Dave is an entrepreneur, business leader and investor who founded The Climate Corporation, which was sold to Monsanto for $1.1 billion. He now leads The Production Board, a holding company of businesses established to solve the most fundamental problems.


On the show, Dave discusses:

- His early experiences in investment banking, Google, and what it was like working with Larry Page

- The founding, growth and sale of his first venture, the Climate Corporation

- High potential investment themes that he is focused on

- Insight into one of his latest deals: Lavoro, Brazil’s largest agricultural inputs retailer

- And more

#239: The Space Exploration Business with Intuitive Machines CEO Steve Altemus

On today’s podcast we welcome special guest, Intuitive Machines CEO Steve Altemus. Intuitive Machines is a diversified space exploration, infrastructure, and services company.

On the show, Steve discusses:

-Some of his main learning experiences at NASA and what inspired him to leave to launch a startup
-The current state of the space race
-The potential for long-term lunar infrastructure and commerce
-What he thinks is in store for space exploration over the next 50 years
-And more

#238: The Entrepreneurial Journey with AvePoint CEO TJ Jiang

On today’s podcast we welcome special guest, AvePoint CEO TJ Jiang. AvePoint is the largest data management solutions provider for the Microsoft cloud. 

On the show, TJ discusses:

  • His journey from new immigrant, to Wall Street, to successful entrepreneur taking his company public
  • How he made it through the adversity when founding the company
  • Lessons learned from taking his company public
  • His thoughts on the current recessionary economic environment
  • And more

#237: Semiconductors with Newsight Imaging CEO Eli Assoolin and VSAC CEO George Sobek

On today’s show we welcome special guests, Newsight Imaging CEO Eli Assoolin and VSAC CEO George Sobek. Newsight Imaging develops high-quality image sensors that can be integrated into industries such as robotics, automotive, mobile and many others. Vision Sensing Acquisition is a SPAC that is set to merge with Newsight.

On the show, Eli and George discuss:
-A teach-in on vision sensors and chips
-Growth opportunities in semiconductors
-Market conditions and whether there’s a recession
-Their top productivity hacks
-And more


#236: Venture Capital Investing with Social Leverage Founder Howard Lindzon

 On today’s show we welcome special guest, Social Leverage Founder Howard Lindzon. Social Leverage is a venture capital firm that specializes in early-stage and seed-stage investments in the Software, Consumer, and Fintech industries.

On the show, Howard discusses:

  • How he initially got into investing and what is appealing about early-stage investing
  • Key lessons learned from his hits and misses within startups, angel investing and venture capital
  • What he thinks is in store for NFTs, crypto and web3 in the future
  • His thoughts on the current market environment
  • And more

#235: Venture Debt Financing with Trinity Capital President Kyle Brown

On today’s show we welcome special guest, Trinity Capital President Kyle Brown. Trinity Capital is a provider of venture debt financing, a smart financing option for high-growth venture capital-backed startups.

On the show, Kyle discusses:

-A primer on business development companies
-The basics of venture loans and equipment leases
-How venture debt fits into an investment portfolio
-And more

#234: Lithium-ion Battery Technology with Dragonfly Energy CEO Denis Phares

On today’s show, we welcome special guest Dragonfly Energy CEO Denis Phares. Dragonfly Energy is a leader in energy storage and producer of deep cycle lithium-ion storage batteries. 

On the show, Denis discusses:

Advantages of lithium-ion products over lead-acid batteries
The outlook for lithium carbonate prices
Key aspects of the business that investors should consider
His favourite productivity hack
And more

#233: Algorithmic Investing with Delphia’s Andrew Peek

On today’s show we welcome special guest, Delphia's Andrew Peek. Delphia runs an algorithmic investing strategy powered by machine learning. 

On the show, Andrew discusses:

-Predicting fundamental data using AI to drive investment alpha
-Which fundamentals their algorithm trades on
-How humans can incorporate machine learning into their investment process
-What he finds most compelling about capital markets
-And more


#232: On Building a Consumer Products Business with Grove Collaborative CEO Stu Landesberg

On today’s show we welcome special guest, Grove Collaborative CEO Stu Landesberg. Grove Collaborative is a leading sustainable consumer products company.

On the podcast, Stu discusses:
-How he made the jump from the buy side to entrepreneurship
-The opportunity he sees in environmentally friendly home and personal care products
-Struggles and successes building a new venture from scratch
-His favorite productivity hack
-And more

#231: Enterprise Software with Near CEO Anil Mathews

On today’s show we welcome special guest Near CEO Anil Mathews. Near is a global SaaS leader in privacy-led data intelligence on people, places and products.

On the show, Anil discusses:

Whether entrepreneurs are born or made
Characteristics that make enterprise software attractive for entrepreneurs
Near’s datasets and why they’re useful
The #1 most important attribute for an entrepreneur to have
And more

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