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#183: Leadership Chat: EO Charging CEO Charlie Jardine

On today’s podcast we welcome special guest, Charlie Jardine, Founder & CEO of EO Charging.

EO Charging is a leading provider of technology-enabled turnkey solutions for electric vehicle fleets.


On the podcast, Charlie discusses:

  • His entrepreneurial journey and the idea behind EO Charging
  • EO’s business model, customers and unit economics
  • Key differences between EO and its competitors
  • Insights into its growth plan as a public company
  • And more

#182: Live from the Trading Desk: Julian and the SPAC Squad Discuss DWAC

Today we have a special Live from the Trading Desk episode, in which Julian and a group of SPAC experts discuss the Digital World Acquisition / Trump Media deal. On the podcast, we discuss:


-Why did DWAC surge as much as 1,600%?

-What is next for the SPAC?

-Why do traders and speculators like this deal?

-Key insights into the SPAC

-And more

#181: Leadership Chat: Sarcos CEO Ben Wolff

On today’s podcast we welcome special guest, Sarcos CEO Ben Wolff. Sarcos Technology and Robotics Corporation is a leader in the development of robots that augment humans to enhance productivity and safety.


On the show, Ben discusses:

  • Why Time Magazine named the Sarcos Guardian exoskeleton one of the “Best Inventions of 2020”
  • Their “Robot as a Service” business model
  • How robotics are going to change the future of work
  • Key insights from the recent going-public process and advice for CEOs considering taking their company public
  • And more

#180: Leadership Chat: ServiceMax CEO Neil Barua

Today’s podcast features special guest, ServiceMax CEO Neil Barua. ServiceMax is a leader in asset-centric field service management software.

On the podcast, Neil discusses:

-Private equity firm Silver Lake’s role in the evolution of ServiceMax

-Why the company’s SaaS business model may be attractive for investors

-Details regarding its $1.4 billion merger with SPAC Pathfinder Acquisition

-Key opportunities in its future growth plan

-And more

#179: Leadership Chat: AdTheorent CEO Jim Lawson

On today’s podcast we welcome special guest AdTheorent CEO Jim Lawson. AdTheorent is a programmatic digital advertising leader using advanced machine learning technology and solutions to deliver real-world value for advertisers and marketers.


On the show, Jim discusses:

- His journey from practicing law to becoming an entrepreneur and CEO

- How AdTheorent’s machine learning advertising technology platform works

- Why the two most prevalent ad targeting methods, cookie-based retargeting and segment-based audiences, are less effective

- Insights into the merger with MCAP Acquisition Corporation

- And more

#178: Leadership Chat: Energy Vault CEO Robert Piconi

On today’s podcast we welcome special guest, Energy Vault Co-Founder and CEO Robert Piconi. Energy Vault creates gravity-based, grid-scale energy storage solutions with its proprietary technology.


On the show, Rob discusses:

-The initial idea behind the founding of Energy Vault

-How Energy Vault’s energy storage systems work

-Insights into the company’s recent going public transaction

-How Energy Vault differs from the competition

-And more

#177: State of the Markets 3 with SPACGuru, SPACInsider and SPACWarrants

On today’s podcast we have a discussion between Julian and three market experts, SPACGuru (G), SPACInsider (Kristi) and SPACWarrants (Jeff), for an in-depth discussion on the state of the blank check market:

- What to make of high redemption rates and low float meme stock short squeezes?

- How are IPO terms evolving?

- What will be the future of PSTH and the SPARC structure?

- Lawsuits, the SEC and the future of SPACs

- And more

#176: Leadership Chat: Altus Power Co-CEOs Gregg Felton and Lars Norell

On today’s podcast we welcome special guests, Altus Power Co-CEOs 

Gregg Felton and Lars Norell. Altus Power is a market-leading clean electrification company focused on solar power.


On the show, Gregg and Lars discuss:

-The major skills and resources gained in law and investment banking that gave them the confidence to start Altus

-The company’s current portfolio assets and growth pipeline

-The macro thesis behind clean electrification

-Why CBRE holdings was an ideal merger partner in going public

-And more

#175: Leadership Chat: IronNet co-CEO Bill Welch

On today’s podcast we welcome special guest, IronNet’s co-CEO Bill Welch. IronNet is an innovative leader transforming cybersecurity through Collective Defense.


On the show, Bill discusses:

- How cyber threats have evolved over the past 20 years

- What CTOs and executives should be concerned about regarding their company’s network security

- What he learned from their recent going-public process

- Key drivers of IronNet’s forecast 78% revenue CAGR

- And more

#174: Leadership Chat: BBQGuys CEO Russ Wheeler

On today’s podcast we welcome special guest, BBQGuys CEO Russ Wheeler. BBQGuys is a leading specialty e-commerce platform for higher-end BBQ grills, grilling accessories and outdoor living products for both homeowners and professional builders.


On the show, Russ discusses:

-How the business evolved from a single brick-and-mortar store back in 1998

-BBQGuys’ competitive advantage and omnichannel strategy

-How the legendary football family, the Mannings, are involved in the company

-Key growth initiatives to drive a forecast 26% revenue CAGR

-And more

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