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#232 On Building a Consumer Products Business with Grove Collaborative CEO Stu Landesberg

On today’s show we welcome special guest, Grove Collaborative CEO Stu Landesberg. Grove Collaborative is a leading sustainable consumer products company.

On the podcast, Stu discusses:
-How he made the jump from the buy side to entrepreneurship
-The opportunity he sees in environmentally friendly home and personal care products
-Struggles and successes building a new venture from scratch
-His favorite productivity hack
-And more

#231: Enterprise Software with Near CEO Anil Mathews

On today’s show we welcome special guest Near CEO Anil Mathews. Near is a global SaaS leader in privacy-led data intelligence on people, places and products.

On the show, Anil discusses:

Whether entrepreneurs are born or made
Characteristics that make enterprise software attractive for entrepreneurs
Near’s datasets and why they’re useful
The #1 most important attribute for an entrepreneur to have
And more

#230: Molecular Farming with Moolec Science CEO Gastón Paladini

On today’s show we welcome special guest, Moolec Science founder and CEO Gastón Paladini. Moolec is a science-based food ingredient company that is going public through a merger with SPAC LightJump Acquisition.

On the show, Gastón discusses:

What is molecular farming and how did it originate
How they produce meat molecules with plants
Why meat alternatives are necessary
His biggest challenge as an entrepreneur
And more

#229: Alliance Entertainment’s Chairman Bruce Ogilvie and CEO Jeff Walker

On today’s show we welcome special guests, Alliance Entertainment’s Chairman Bruce Ogilvie and CEO Jeff Walker. Alliance Entertainment is a distributor and wholesaler of the world’s largest in stock selection of music, movies, video games, electronics, arcades, and collectibles.


On the show, Bruce and Jeff discuss: 

Insights, challenges and opportunities in the distribution business

The company’s roll-up strategy

How Alliance competes and grows in an era of streaming

Their thoughts on the current macro environment

And more


#228: Renewable Energy Investing with ClimateRock CEO Per Regnarsson

On today’s podcast we welcome special guest, ClimateRock CEO Per Regnarsson. ClimateRock is a special purpose acquisition company that plans to acquire strategic renewable assets and enabling technologies with large decarbonization potential and strong financial history and prospects. 

On the show, Per discusses:

What specific types of opportunities the SPAC is looking at
His thoughts on the current market environment
The outlook for sustainable investing
Key segments of the sustainability sector that investors should have on their radar
And more

#227: Carsharing with Getaround CEO Sam Zaid

On today’s show we welcome special guest, Getaround Founder and CEO, Sam Zaid. Getaround is the world’s leading fully digital and global carsharing marketplace. 

On the show, Sam discusses:

His entrepreneurial journey from Ottawa to San Francisco
The main benefits of carsharing for both hosts and guests
What it’s like being a Softbank portfolio company
His favourite productivity hack
And more

#226: Materials Science Technology with Footprint CEO Troy Swope

On today’s podcast we welcome special guest, Footprint CEO Troy Swope. Footprint is a global materials science technology company focused on sustainable solutions. On the show, Troy discusses:

-The innovation and improvement available in packaging solutions
-How plant-based packaging solutions compare to plastic
-Footprint’s business model and estimated total addressable market
-Insights into their merger with SPAC Gores Holdings VIII
-And more

#225: Industrial Energy Management with Voltus CEO Gregg Dixon

On today’s show we welcome special guest, Voltus CEO Gregg Dixon. Voltus is a leading distributed energy resource software technology platform. On the podcast, Gregg discusses:

-What are distributed energy resources (DERs) and why they are important
-Voltus’ recurring revenue business model and strong unit economics
-Thoughts on the current market environment and raising a $100 million PIPE financing
-Advice to entrepreneurs considering taking their company public
-And more


#224: Software and Entrepreneurship with Rubicon Technologies CEO Nate Morris

On today’s show we welcome special guest, Rubicon Technologies Founder, Chairman and CEO Nate Morris. Rubicon is a software platform that provides smart waste and recycling solutions for businesses and governments worldwide.

On the podcast, Nate discusses:

  • How he launched Rubicon with maxed-out credit cards and a $10,000 line of credit
  • Opportunities in the fragmented $2.1 trillion global waste and recycling industry
  • Key lessons learned in building a $1.7 billion software company from scratch
  • Advice for future entrepreneurs
  • And more

#223: Coffee and Asset Management with Westrock CEO Scott Ford

On today’s podcast we welcome special guest, Westrock Coffee CEO and Co-Founder, Scott Ford. Westrock Coffee is a leading integrated coffee, tea, flavors, extracts, and ingredients solutions provider.

On the show, Scott discusses:
How he went from asset management to the coffee industry
Where the idea for Westrock Coffee came from and what problem he was looking to solve
Key skills and knowledge from his experience in finance utilized as a company founder
Trends in the coffee industry
And more



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