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#221: Energy Transition Investing with ESGEN CEO Andrejka Bernatova

On today’s podcast we welcome special guest, ESGEN CEO Andrejka Bernatova. ESGEN runs a $280 million SPAC focused on accelerating the shift towards a low-carbon sustainable future.

On the show, Andrejka discusses: 
-How she went from coming to the US at the age of 15 alone, with no knowledge of English, carrying $100 in her pocket to later getting a job on Wall Street
-How investment banking experience helped her as a CFO
-Her thesis behind the shift to a low-carbon future
-What is in store for the oil and gas sector
-And more

#220: Disrupting Lighting with Sky Technologies Executive Chairman Rani Kohen

On today’s show we welcome Sky Technologies Executive Chairman Rani Kohen. Sky’s mission is to make homes and buildings become safe-advanced and smart as the standard.


On the show, Rani discusses:

The disruptive idea behind making light fixtures safe and easy
How they go about getting market adoption
Key insights and learnings behind their February 2022 initial public offering
Main risks for investors and how they are trying to mitigate these
And more

#219: SPAC Investing with Meteora Capital Founder and CIO Vik Mittal

On today’s podcast we welcome special guest, Meteora Capital Founder and CIO Vik Mittal. Meteora Capital is an investment firm specializing in SPAC-related instruments in both public and private companies.

On the show, Vik discusses:
-His path into the hedge fund world
-The Twitter deal and his thoughts on merger arbitrage
-What appeals to him about SPAC investing
-Advice for those looking to break into the hedge fund industry
-And more

#218: Casino and Gaming Investing with SpringOwl Asset Management CEO Jason Ader

On today’s show we welcome veteran investor Jason Ader. Jason is the Co-Founder and CEO of SpringOwl Asset Management, an investment firm with a focus on the Real Estate, Gaming and Lodging sectors. In addition, Jason is the CEO and Chairman of SPAC 26 Capital Acquisition Corp.


On the show, Jason discusses:

- His path to Wall Street, including the clever idea that led to his lucky break

- How he excelled as a top-ranked sell-side analyst at Bear Stearns

- The unique aspects of the Real Estate and Gaming sectors that make them attractive for investment

- Shareholder activism and turnarounds

- Advice for those starting out on Wall Street or those considering a career in investment management

- And more

#217: Visual Effects and Movies with DNEG Chairman and CEO Namit Malhotra

On today’s show we talk about visual effects and movies with DNEG Chairman and CEO Namit Malhotra. DNEG is a high-growth, technology-enabled visual effects and animation company executing ground-breaking, award-winning work for the world’s largest content creators.

On the show, Namit discusses:
How he got involved in the movie business
The barriers to entry for blockbuster movies effects companies
How DNEG won 7 Oscars for visual effects in movies
DNEG as the only pure-play publicly-traded visual effects and animation company
And more


#215: State of the Markets 6 - Expert Forecasts and the Future of SPACs

On today’s special episode of the podcast, we welcome the SpacGuru, Jeff from SpacWarrants and Jeremy Tarica of Forest Road talking about the state of the market.

The discussion touches on:
-Current economic and market conditions
-Expected liquidations and the effect on SPAC warrants
-Sector rotation and what we expect from mergers
-The future of the SPAC asset class
-And more

#214: Griddling with Blackstone Products CEO Roger Dahle

On today’s podcast we have Blackstone Products CEO Roger Dahle. Blackstone Products is a design-driven company that is redefining the outdoor cooking experience with griddle cooking appliances and accessories.

On the show, Roger discusses:
-How he invented the home griddle and created Blackstone Products
-Why griddling is becoming so popular
-How they utilize social media and original content to drive brand awareness
-His favorite thing to cook on the griddle
-And more

#213: Travel Marketplaces with Mondee CEO Prasad Gundumogula

On today’s podcast we talk about travel marketplaces with Mondee CEO Prasad Gundumogula. Mondee is a technology-first travel marketplace with a portfolio of globally recognized brands in the leisure, retail and corporate travel sectors.

On the show, Prasad discusses:
-Mondee’s role as a travel market disruptor and next generation marketplace
-Why he thinks the travel market is recovering on a sustained basis
-Some recent trends occurring in the travel market
-The company’s approach to M&A and its recent SPAC merger
-And more



#212: Pet Tech with Wag CEO Garrett Smallwood

On today’s podcast we chat with Wag CEO, Garrett Smallwood. Wag is an American pet services marketplace company powering a mobile-first technology platform that enables on-demand and scheduled dog walking, training, and other pet care services.


On the show, Garrett discusses:

-What Wag does and why dog owners should download the app
-Wag’s path to future profitability
-Going public and future growth plans
-The best dog breed to own
-And more!

#211: Cybersecurity with ZeroFox CEO James Foster

On today’s podcast we talk cybersecurity with the ZeroFox CEO James Foster. ZeroFox is an enterprise software-as-a-service leader in external cybersecurity.

On the show, Foster discusses:
-What is so exciting about cybersecurity
-The most important trends in cybersecurity that investors should learn more about
-Details on the pending acquisition of IDX, a leading digital privacy protection and data -breach response services company
-Key factors driving the company’s forecast 30% revenue CAGR
-And more


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